Smart Typing for PC Operation

KEYBOARD SHIRT is a series developed with focusing on comfortable keyboard operation.
Made with unique pattern work for relieving stress by long hours of keyboard use.


Minimum quantity for "KEYBOARD SHIRT keyboard" is 1.

  • Material: KEY KINETICS
  • Concept: Smart Typing for PC Operation
  • Function: Stretch
  • Composition: Cotton 77 % Nylon 20 % Polyurethane 3 %

Equipment & Function:

Roll-up System

Roll-up system has adopted by eliminating the construction of the opening and closing of the cuff buttons.
It is able to wear it on & take it off and is also able to roll up the sleeves as is.

Anti-See-through (Blind System)

The front body is dual structured and it avoids see-through even in white therefore it is not necessary an undershirt.


Smart typing for PC Operation

KEY KINETICS is a shirt collection series with no restriction from any movement of human body and it has developed to eliminate the stress from the long-time work on keyboard.
Despite its exquisiteness of the outer layer that responds well to dress codes, it arranges with such dynamic range of motion that it puts out your mind of having it on.
The overwhelming stretchability and the pattern cutting work based on ergonomics cancel fatigue that accumulated from long-time typing position, and makes your desk work more comfortably.



The textile has dynamic stretchability that is unimaginable from its classical appearance.
The textile has wide range of motion and wrinkle resistant by covering polyurethane with nylon based on filament fiber cotton.