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DEVICE COAT packable


Dynamic Storage Capacity

The Device Coat made for Nomad Workers features the maximum capacity of the Hands Free series, as well as a storage function unimaginable from its smart appearance.


Minimum quantity for "DEVICE COAT packable" is 1.

  • Material: Tech-Tussah
  • Concept: Smart Packing
  • Function: Resilience, Antifouling, Lightweight, Tensile Strength
  • Composition: NYLON 100

Equipment & Function:

360° Ventilation

Ventilation placed on the left and right side of the front and back can be adjusted to different thermal conductivity through the process of heat release and air circulation.
Designed to facilitate inner air circulation by releasing the tightened cuffs.
Furthermore, the backside ventilation provides easy and direct access to the pants pocket—a solution to one of the difficulties with long jackets.

Tablet Pocket

Front-hip pocket has a capacity to store items as big as a tablet.
Instant control to free up your hands at any destination, as it stores items that do not fit in standard sized pockets.

Wallet Pocket

A built-in front-hip pocket with a fastener.
Designed for storing cards, smartphones, or local currencies.
Direct access to items stored while hands are placed inside the pocket.
Can be used as a security pocket as it is sized to fit a passport.

Charger Pocket

An inner chest pocket accessible as a port of a charger.
With the combination of the two portals and the front ventilation, an USB cable can be installed from the inner pocket to the outer surface of the garment.

Security Pouch

A packable pouch placed in the inner part of the clothing, within which the garment itself can be stowed away.
Can be used as a security pouch when worn.


Smart Packing

This line features packable products,
which can be stored in a packable pocket placed in the inner part of the clothing.

Well suitable for business, with the wearability that affords tranquility in flights.
Jacket with compactness—on the journey back, aside luggage, anytime during your journey.
This series has been developed so as to avoid struggles with garment cases during business trips and enable faster transitions.



This function was made possible by a special string brushed in micro units.
The high-strength nylon string furnishes a fine cotton-like feel,
yet with a silk-like tensile strength.
The twill weaved process limits wrinkles and results in a light but highly resilient textile of a natural feel.

DEVICE COAT packable