WALLET JKT roomkey


Smart Security

WALLET JKT has been developed for travelers, and it is a series focused on the maximum security for valuables.
Made with unique pattern work for making a long flight comfortably.


Minimum quantity for "WALLET JKT roomkey" is 1.

  • Material: VELVET FLEECE
  • Concept: Relax Dress
  • Function: Unlimited Direction Stretch, Heat Retention
  • Composition: Polyester 90 % Nylon 10 %

Equipment & Function:

Long Wallet Pocket

Capacious pockets placed on both sides of the coat are designed to store items do not fit in standard sized pockets such as long wallet or boarding pass.

Security Pocket

A secret zipped pocket is placed inside of the Long Wallet Pocket.
For keeping local currencies, cards or smartphones - it provides high security by direct access with your hand in the pocket.
It can be used as a security pocket as it is sized to fit a passport.


Relax Dress

A hotel where is a place to relax also is requires dress codes.
Modulates to be appropriate at the lounge and at the dinner dress codes and it gives you a superior relaxation once returned to your hotel room.

ROOMKEY series will upgrade your time more comfortably at a hotel.



Warm and stress-free, VELVET FLEECE is equipped with warmth retained through super raised and dynamic range of motion by unlimited direction stretch.
Moreover, the velvety appearance corresponds to hotel lounge and dinner dress codes.
The incredible appearance as a relaxing wear will upgrade your time more comfortably at the hotel.
The series is machine washable also excellent in quick-dry, it liberates you from daily maintenance.

WALLET JKT roomkey