DEVICE COAT dualo plus


Dynamic Storage Capacity

In the HANDS-FREE series for nomad works, DEVICE COAT prides a maximum storage capacity unimaginably from the appearance.


Minimum quantity for "DEVICE COAT dualo plus" is 1.

  • Material (lining): OUTLAST
  • Concept: Smart Manners
  • Function: Temperature Adjustment at 32 ℃
  • Composition: Cupro 50 % Cotton 50 %

Equipment & Function:

Tablet Pocket

The immense pocket which is placed from inner waist part to armpit is enough to store a tablet.
The capability proves you need to be hands-free or to bring the things do not fit into regular pockets.

Wallet Pocket

Incorporating a zipped pocket inner part of the waist pocket.
For keeping local currencies, cards or smartphones - it provides high security by direct access with your hand in the pocket.
It can be used as a security pocket as it is sized to fit a passport.


Smart Manners

Various public spaces, business scenes, ceremonial – obey the manners in these occasions more than regular habits.
The weather doesn’t always go as planned and uncontrollable moreover enable to store all valuables with you.

The outer layer of DUALO PLUS series has a very classical appearance.
Dynamic storage has equipped unimaginably from the smart appearance once you cast a look the inside.
The outerwear with high-capacity storage which is large enough to fit from an iPad to documents will make you hands-free in any situation.
OUTLAST, the lining textile adjusts the temperature of the inner clothes at 32 ℃ which human body’s skin feels agreeable.



An agreeable temperature of inner clothes.
OUTLAST, the textile used for inner has been developed for NASA.
This textile which has manufactured to be able to adjust the temperature of inner clothes for the operation in a sealed space shuttle has a characteristic to keep the temperature at 32 ℃ which human body’s skin feels pleasant.
Reduce the temperature if it’s warmer than 32 ℃
Increase the temperature if it’s cooler than 32 ℃
OUTLAST which always aim at 32 ℃ keeps you always pleasant temperature of your inner clothes.

DEVICE COAT dualo plus