WALLET SHORTS submariner


Smart Security

This series focuses on the maximum security for valuables, designed for travelers.
Wallet Shorts furnishes pattern works to ease your long flight experience.


Minimum quantity for "WALLET SHORTS submariner" is 1.

  • Material: COOL DOTS
  • Concept: Technology and Ocean
  • Function: Ventilation, Quick-Drying, 360° Stretch
  • Composition: POLYESTER 100

Equipment & Function:

Security Cargo Pocket

A long-wallet sized fastener pocket hidden inside the diagonal pocket.
Designed to secure your passport and/or airline ticket.
Direct access to the security pocket while hands are placed inside the diagonal pocket eliminates the need for standing up in the limited cabin space to access pocket.


Technology and Ocean

Resort vacation—a special trip away from the city and its civilization.

While luxuriating near the beautiful ocean and sunset,
the clothes worn are alternately exposed to salt water and scorching sun,
requiring you to engage in activities that involve more movements
—an extremely different environment from the urban life.

The submariner series developed for a pleasant resort vacation experience—with the most advanced technology of its textile and TEATORA’s original design function.
Demonstrates its ability on the beach scenes as well as on board and even on journeys.



Overwhelming breathability furnished by COOL DOTS.
Over 10,000 ventilation holes in size of a few millimeters are distributed over each intersection of the grid woven textile to maintain vast air conductivity.
Its quick-drying property is the key feature.
Suitable after a swim in the beach, its quick-drying property operates with just one wipe of a towel.
The 360° directional stretch widens your range of motion, maximizing performance even during beach activities.

WALLET SHORTS submariner