DRIVE JKT Solomodule


Smart Security

This series focuses on the maximum security for valuables, designed for drivers.
Drive JKT furnishes pattern works to ease your long drive experience.


Minimum quantity for "DRIVE JKT Solomodule" is 1.


  • Material: SOLOTEX
  • Concept: Refined Air Travel
  • Function: 360° Stretch
  • Composition: POLYESTER 100

Equipment & Function:

Security Pocket

A secret fastened pocket hidden inside the Long Wallet Pocket.
Direct access to items stored while hands are placed inside the pocket.
Can be used as a security pocket as it is sized to fit a passport.


Refined Air Travel

Solo module series designed for long flight experiences.
This series provide maximum comfort without restraining body movements as if resting on a first class full-flat seat.

To diminish the fatigues, this series developed providing mobility and relaxation during long flights as it furnishes an upgraded experience to your air travel.



A 360° stretchable string, SOLOTEX, was made possible with the combination of our original pattern work and Teijin’s scientific skill.
Its kickback against the elasticity is the remarkable function of SOLOTEX.
Even in a limited cabin space, its durable elasticity and powerful kickback enable a comfortable range of motion for every movement made.

DRIVE JKT Solomodule