WALLET PANTS packable wi-fi


Smart Security

This series focuses on the maximum security for valuables, designed for travelers.
Wallet Pants furnishes pattern works to ease your long flight experience.


Minimum quantity for "WALLET PANTS packable wi-fi" is 1.

  • Material: S-4
  • Concept: Smart Packing
  • Function: Resilience, Lightweight, Water-Absorbing/Quick-Drying, Stretch
  • Composition: POLYESTER 100

Equipment & Function:

Security Cargo Pocket

A long-wallet sized fastener pocket hidden inside the diagonal pocket.
Designed to secure your passport and/or airline ticket.
Direct access to the security pocket while hands are placed inside the diagonal pocket eliminates the need for standing up in the limited cabin space to access pocket.

Hybrid Belt

A belt can be attached depending on the TPO,
or simply used as easy pants.

Security Pouch

A packable pouch placed in the inner part of the clothing, within which the garment itself can be stowed away.
Can be used as a security pouch when worn.


Smart Packing

This line features packable products,
which can be stored in a packable pocket placed in the inner part of the clothing.

Packable wi-fi series—an upgraded version of the original packable series with more functions suitable for business trips.
The suits-like surface, the water-absorbing/quick-drying property, and the strengthened stretchability demonstrate its capabilities on business trips.
A suit-like aspect and toughness that endure miscellaneous.
For a spare of clothes for the journey, simply stow the garment in your suitcase with just one compact roll.



S-4 adopted for packable wi-fi has a water-absorbing/quick-drying property in addition to the original packable line properties.
Facilitates quick drying by inducing perspiration to the outer surface of the clothing.
Despite its fine cotton-like feel and water absorbency,
the outer surface has high resilience alongside its light and high-strengthened textile.

WALLET PANTS packable wi-fi