WALLET JKT ice office


Smart Security

This series focuses on the maximum security for valuables, designed for travelers.
Wallet JKT furnishes pattern works to ease your long flight experience.


Minimum quantity for "WALLET JKT ice office" is 1.

  • Material: ICE TROPICAL
  • Concept: Earnestly, Cooling
  • Function: Lightweight, Ventilation, Stretch
  • Composition: WOOL 95 / POLYESTER 5

Equipment & Function:

Long Wallet Pocket

Capacious pocket located on both sides of the JKT, designed to store items that do not fit in standard sized pockets such as long wallet or airline tickets.

Security Pocket

A secret fastened pocket hidden inside the Long Wallet Pocket.
Direct access to items stored while hands are placed inside the pocket.
Can be used as a security pocket as it is sized to fit a passport.


Earnestly, Cooling

Ice office series developed from the concept of furnishing a cooling environment in the fluctuating climate of Japan.



Extremely thin tropical wool weaved to its utmost limit.
Along with the thinness, its tenseness/stiffness and stretchability prevents physical strength exhaustion resulting from rising body temperature under the scorching sun.

The vents of the punching material used for the inner side of the garment, enables hot inner air to be emitted outside adjusting to each body movement.

WALLET JKT ice office