Dynamic Storage Capacity

The Souvenir Hunter designed for travelers combines the storage capacity of the Hands Free series with special storage subsection features.
It has a large silhouette that can be worn over t-shirts, jackets, and even bulky down jacket-like outers.


Minimum quantity for "SOUVENIR HUNTER Tech OFFICE PLUS" is 1.

  • Lining Material: OUTLAST
  • Concept: A Smarter Manner
  • Lining Function: 32° C Temperature Adjustment
  • Lining Composition: CUPRO 100

Equipment & Function:

Tablet Pocket

Front-hip pocket has a capacity to store items as big as a tablet.
Instant control to free up your hands at any destination, as it stores items that do not fit in standard sized pockets.

Wallet Pocket

A built-in front-hip pocket with a fastener.
Designed for storing cards, smartphones, or local currencies.
Direct access to items stored while hands are placed inside the pocket.
Can be used as a security pocket as it is sized to fit a passport.

Souvenir Pocket

A set of six built-in fastened pockets on the front left and right sides.
Able to itemize passports, tickets, local currencies, cards, smartphones, handkerchief, etc., and even souvenirs purchased during the journey.


A Smarter Manner

Tech OFFICE PLUS series developed from a concept of facilitating situations that entail manner.

In various public areas, business scenes, ceremonial occasions, manner is an inevitable component.
We encounter situations where temperature is unable to be adjusted.
yet valuables need to be kept secured despite cloak usage.
The outer layer of Tech OFFICE series is extremely classical.
However, it is packed with features unimaginable from its smart appearance once you cast a look inside.
A gear that stores items from an iPad to paper documents,
freeing your hands in any circumstances, as it adjusts inner temperature to comfortable level of 32° C.



Comfortable inner clothing temperature.
OUTLAST adopted for inner textile is a textile that was developed for NASA.
This material was made for internal temperature adjustment of space activity suits to maintain at 32° C—the temperature human skin feel most comfortable with.
Lowers temperature when it exceeds 32° C,
rises temperature when it falls under 32° C.
OUTLAST always aims for 32° C, keeping ideal inner temperature.