DEVICE COAT dual point


Dynamic Storage Capacity

The Device Coat made for Nomad Workers features the maximum capacity of the Hands Free series, as well as a storage function unimaginable from its smart appearance.


Minimum quantity for "DEVICE COAT dual point" is 1.

  • Insulation Material: KOMATHERMO
  • Concept: Measures Against Cold x Measures Against Heat
  • Insulation Function: Insulation Heat Retention, Hygroscopic Heat, Durable Electrostatic Property
  • Insulation Composition: Polyester55 / Nylon45

Equipment & Function:

360° Ventilation

Ventilation placed on the left and right side of the front and back can be adjusted to different thermal conductivity through the process of heat release and air circulation.
Designed to facilitate inner air circulation by releasing the tightened cuffs.
Furthermore, the backside ventilation provides easy and direct access to the pants pocket—a solution to one of the difficulties with long jackets.

Tablet Pocket

Front-hip pocket has a capacity to store items as big as a tablet.
Instant control to free up your hands at any destination, as it stores items that do not fit in standard sized pockets.

Wallet Pocket

A built-in front-hip pocket with a fastener.
Designed for storing cards, smartphones, or local currencies.
Direct access to items stored while hands are placed inside the pocket.
Can be used as a security pocket as it is sized to fit a passport.

Charger Pocket

An inner chest pocket accessible as a port of a charger.
With the combination of the two portals and the front ventilation,
an USB cable can be installed from the inner pocket to the outer surface of the garment.


Countermeasures Against Cold × Measures Against Heat

A coat is picked according to cold outdoor temperature,
though entering train or department store generates sweaty body.
Dual point series provide comfort to winter with such urban temperature differences.

For instance, lets situate the interior temperature of JR East train carts to be set at 22 °C.
This is equivalent to average temperature in June referring to average temperature in Tokyo.
Average lowest temperature in January in Tokyo is 2.5°C.
Despite the fact that coats are worn,
People have to bear with this sudden temperature rise of around 20°C.

Shops and offices being overheated will easily exceed this temperature difference.
However, winter outwears being warm is an unchangeable fact.

Dual point series of TEÄTORA is a series developed under the concept of adjusting to extreme urban temperature differences: outdoors coldness to indoor heat.



Special insulation used in dual point series is KOMATHERMO
from Komatsu Seiren Co., Ltd.
Key points of utilizing this material are divided into two major points:

Function① Mobility due to its thinness

In shopping situations of having to carry a coat, heavy and bulky outwear that protects us from winter coldness, converts from protective existence to obstructing baggage.
KOMATHERMO from Komatsu Seiren is overwhelmingly thinner than conventional insulations and on top of that does not have the conventional flare.
This allows jacket to be compactly wrapped up and stored in a bag.

Function② Warmth

Contrary to its thinness, it provides high heat insulating property along with hydroscopic heat generating function.
Its densely brushed layer forms layer of dead air that boasts higher insulation function.
Not only that, combination of the characteristics of thread itself and special scientific treatment react to body temperature, raising maximum of 2℃.
Its antistatic property reduces amount of static electricity that tends to charge up when worn.
*Antistatic performance varies depending on humidity of the environment.

DEVICE COAT dual point